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on-Camera Confidence for Women and a Few Brave Men

DEADLINE TO APPLY: December 4, 2017

  • In Front of the Camera: Techniques and Tips for Appearing on Video
    • Speak Camera Ready-Vocabulary
    • It is All About the “Sound Bite”-The Pitch
    • What Must I Have in My “Impromptu” Bag?
    • What are the Pros & Cons of a Green Screen
    • Working with Multiple Cameras
    • Lighting Techniques:  In a Studio or on Location
    • Audio Techniques (Internal/External)
    • How to Set-Up Your Equipment
    • To Mic or Not to Mic?
    • Familiarize vs Memorize Your Script
    • Nail Your Storytelling Technique
    • Why the “PAUSE” is Critical 
  •  Behind the Camera: How to Direct Your Own Amazing Video Channels Like the Pros
    • The Best Equipment for Business Videos
    • Setting Up Your Equipment
    • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Techniques
    • Create Your Own Teleprompter
    • Staging Your Background with POP
    • Lighting: Indoors vs Outdoors
    • The 5 Basic Shot Types
    • When and How to Hire a Professional
  •  Close-up and Personal: Be Red Carpet Ready 
    • Attract the Media and Influencers
    • Win the Media Over with 3 Simple Techniques
    • How and When to Strike a Pose
    • Know Your Best Camera Side
    • What Your Body Language Conveys on Camera
    • Command Presence with Storytelling
    • Why and How to Offer Testimonials for Your Business

Why Should I Sign Up?

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There is no fee to participate in the program, I will require you to fill out surveys throughout the course for feedback on the course and if you have a good experience and results, I will ask you for a testimonial. (Find out why YOU would want to do a testimonial for my course). This course will sell for $997 when it is opened to the public.

Complete on-Camera Confidence Beta Course Application


Lights! Camera! YOU! I never imagined that one day I would be a Director, Story Teller, Media Trainer and Author… now I am living my dream! It wasn’t always that way. It would have been easy to let insecurity, hard knocks, and past life experiences defeat me. Growing up as a ward of the court, I was terrified of being photographed.  Instead of letting the fear control and define me, I learned as an emerging leader and entrepreneur what it takes to be the “face” of my company. I studied and mastered the ins and outs of being in front and behind the camera. Once I learned the techniques of how celebrities are taught to present themselves to the camera, utilize camera angles, natural and studio lighting, hair and makeup artistry, camera-ready wardrobe selection and studio or on location staging, I knew I was camera ready. Through my journey of self-doubt, not thinking I was “thin or pretty” enough, and other excuses women and men commonly tell themselves, I developed my confidence and turned what I learned to help others.   Now you too can create your own spotlight.

Anita Miranda, Camera Ready Conductor

Camera Confidence Beta Course


  • Camera Confidence Beta Course
  • Camera Confidence Beta Course
  • Camera Confidence Beta Course
  • Camera Confidence Beta Course
  • Camera Confidence Beta Course
  • Camera Confidence Beta Course
  • Camera Confidence Beta Course
  • Camera Confidence Beta Course

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